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Adduction in flexion


This provocation test may be used to compress a painful structure in the groin (psoas bursa or tendon of rectus femoris). However, it should be interpreted with utmost care because other elements such as veins and lymph nodes can also be compressed. This test also stretches several posterior structures (capsule of the hip joint, […]

Sacroiliac Dysfunction (Inflammation of the Sacroiliac Joint)

Inflammation of the sacroiliac joints (the joint joining the pelvis and the spine) is not uncommon as an isolated condition among athletes who pursue winter sports. It can also be part of generalized disease, such as Bechterew’s disease. In sports, sudden violent contractions of the hamstrings or abdominal muscles with severe direct load to the […]


Pain radiating to the groin and down the thigh may be caused by the L4 syndrome of sciatica.

Gynecological Disorders

Gynecological disorders can cause pain radiating to the groin. They may include inflammatory conditions, infections, and tumors.


A hydrocele is an accumulation of watery fluid around the testes. It does not usually cause serious problems and is treated by draining the fluid. Large hydroceles may sometimes need surgical treatment.

Other testicular conditions that can cause symptoms referred to the groin include tumors in the testes, inflammation of the tissues in the surrounding […]

Hip Pain in the Child

Basics Description Hip pain is a term used to describe discomfort in the groin, which receives sensory innervation provided by the obturator and femoral nerves. This pain can be produced by a lesion anywhere in the region of the hip joint, such as: Capsule and synovial lining Bone of the pelvis or proximal femur […]