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Basics Description Spondylolisthesis is an abnormal AP translation of 2 vertebral bodies relative to each other. This translation is secondary to a defect in the pars interarticularis (spondylolysis) or the posterior ligamentous-bony restraints. Spondylolisthesis is classified by type (Table 1) and by the severity of the slip (Table 2). General Prevention No preventive measures […]

Jumper’s Knee (Patellar Tendinopathy)

Basics Description Patellar tendinopathy, also known as Jumper’s knee, is an overuse injury of the patellar tendon. Children develop a similar condition known as OSD. General Prevention Avoidance of repetitive jumping exercises without proper quad strengthening Epidemiology Equally common among males and females Incidence Overall incidence in the community is unknown, but it is […]