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Abdominal injuries

Rupture of the spleen The spleen is located in the upper left part of the abdomen , and its rupture is the most common cause of death among athletes with abdominal injuries. The injury may result from a direct blow to the abdomen, e.g. when a cyclist falls and the handlebar strikes the upper left […]

Fracture of the Hook of the Hamate

The hook of the hamate bone projects anteriorly on the lateral side of the palm. A compression fracture of this bone is a rare injury, but it may occur in racket sports, baseball, ice hockey, and cycling if the handle of the racket, bat, club, stick or handlebar is compressed on to the hook of […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


There is paraesthesia of the radial three and a half fingers and pain around the wrist. Often, sleep is disturbed.


These symptoms are caused by chronic compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel by a hypertrophied flexor tendon retinaculum.


There is tenderness on palpation over the carpal […]