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A Patient’s Guide to Nutrition and Surgery

General surgery nutrition

General surgery nutrition


Surgery always means a certain amount of risk to your well being. Surgery is a deliberate, skillful injury to your body. It may take you several weeks to months to heal. Infections and blood loss are two possible complications that your surgeon will want to help you avoid. […]

Collagen Morphology of the Collagen Framework

The pattern of collagen fibrils within articular cartilage is well suited to the functional requirements of the tissue. The air-tent analogy described earlier requires that a pressurized internal medium be constrained from expansion by a membrane. A matted surface layer of collagen fibrils provides this membranelike function.

The collagen pattern in the deeper layers of […]

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Grafts for Musculoskeletal Injuries: A Review


In Europe and the United States, there is an increasing prevalence of the use of autologous blood products to facilitate healing in a variety of applications. Recently, we have learned more about specific growth factors, which play a crucial role in the healing process. With that knowledge there is abundant enthusiasm in the application […]