Hill-Sachs lesion

Humeral Bone (Upper Arms) Deficiency

Table of Contents Introduction Surgery Introduction Humeral head defects are commonly present in patients with shoulder instability. The defects are usually small and carry the eponym Hill-Sachs lesion when secondary to anterior instability and reverse Hill-Sachs lesions when secondary to posterior instability. Although quite ubiquitous in recurrent anterior shoulder instability, the management of large Hill-Sachs …

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Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

Table of Contents Symptoms Aetiology Clinical Findings Investigations Treatment for Anterior Shoulder Dislocation in Singapore Referrals Exercise Prescription Evaluation of Treatment Outcomes Differential Diagnoses Prognosis Symptoms There is acute onset of localised swelling and pain over the anterior part of the shoulder with deformation, after an excessive external rotation and abduction trauma. This is the …

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