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The results of arthroscopic subacromial decompression have been well documented. Ellman was one of the first to publish results comparable with the previous good results seen with an open technique. His subsequent 2 to 5 year results yielded on overall 89% satisfaction.

These excellent results have been reproduced and expanded upon in terms of patient […]

Nonoperative Treatment

A trial of nonoperative care is implemented before surgical intervention is considered. The majority of patients with impingement syndrome can be managed conservatively. The treatment program consists of formal physical therapy, activity modification, anti-inflammatory, and the judicious use of steroid injections into the subacromial space.

By emphasizing the importance of following the rehabilitation protocol and […]

Other Causes of Impingement

In addition to outlet impingement, recent clinical and lab investigations have led to other mechanisms of impingement. These include functional overload, intrinsic tendonopathy, and internal anatomic impingement.

Functional overload results from excessive strain within the tendon from repetitive overuse or a one-time overload. The subsequent inflammation and tendonitis can lead to a continuous cycle, which […]