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Basic Science-Anatomy and Biomechanics

The humerus is the largest bone of upper extremity. The proximal humerus is composed of the humeral head, the greater and lesser tuberosities, the anatomic and surgical necks of the humerus. The humeral head is the most proximal, ball-like region of the humerus that is retroverted (28 to 40 degrees) and articulates with the glenoid […]

Suture Anchor Technique

Tenodesis with suture anchors was first described by Gartsman and Hammerman and subsequently by Nord et al. Each used suture anchors inserted in different locations to obtain fixation to the proximal humerus or the greater tuberosity. Two suture anchors are inserted through the subclavian portal (Nord) or from the anterior portal (Gartsman). The method described […]

Basic Science-Anatomy

The anatomy of the LHB has been thoroughly examined and little controversy exists in this realm. The LHB originates at and around the supraglenoid tubercle. Although it is intra-articular, it is extrasynovial. Its blood supply is dependant on the portion of tendon in question.

The proximal and middle portions receive blood supply from branches of […]

Superior Glenohumeral Ligament

The SGHL originates on the supraglenoid tubercle, just anterior to the origin of the long head of the biceps, and it inserts on the proximal tip of the lesser tuberosity, on the medial ridge of the intertubercular groove. The SGHL is present in more than 90% of individuals. In an anatomical study, Steinbeck et al. […]