intramedullary fixation

Forearm Fractures Treatment in Singapore

Table of Contents Introduction Anatomy Causes Types Symptoms Evaluation Treatment for Forearm Fractures in Singapore Rehabilitation Complications Summary Further Reading Introduction Orthopaedic surgeons refer to fractures of the forearm as those fractures that occur in the middle section (shaft) of the forearm bones. Fractures that involve the upper end of the forearm are discussed under …

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What is a Phalanx Fracture?

Table of Contents Basics Diagnosis Tests Follow-up Miscellaneous FAQ Basics Description A phalanx fracture is a break in 1 or more phalanges in the fingers. Finger fractures are classified by: Which phalanx is involved Location within the phalanx Pattern Complexity Open or closed Stable or unstable to motion Epidemiology Fractures of the metacarpals and the …

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