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Nerve Injuries/Entrapment

Nerve injuries can occur with both arthroscopic and open shoulder procedures. The axillary nerve courses from anterior to posterior from the posterior cord of the brachial plexus, 3 to 5 mm medial to musculotendinous junction of the inferior lateral border of the subscapularis muscle. It lies in contact with the GH joint capsule until it […]

Palpation of soft tissue

Palpation of the deltoid muscle The deltoid muscle is easy to recognize. It forms the most important muscular mass of the shoulder and is responsible for its round look.The anterior portion overlies the anterior border of the acromion and the lesser tuberosity. The middle portion lies over the lateral border of the acramion and the […]


Bony landmarks


The clavicle is the most prominent bone and is easily detectable because it lies subcutaneously.Its medial part is convex and the lateral third is concave. Its medial end (sternal end) is bulbous and articulates with the sternum.The lateral end is flattened and articulates with prominence can be felt.

This is the […]