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Spinal Decompression Surgery & Slip Disc

Spinal Decompression Surgery in Singapore

Spinal Decompression Surgery in Singapore

Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery?

In a microdiscectomy or microdecompression spine surgery, a small portion of the bone over the nerve root and/or disc material from under the nerve root is removed to relieve neural impingement and provide more room for the nerve to heal.

A microdiscectomy is typically performed for a […]

Intervertebral Disc Herniation

Although rare, acute cervical disc herniation can occur in collision sport athletes. Extrusion of the nucleus pulposus posteriorly can cause acute cord compression.

Unlike the more common lower lumbar disc herniations, cervical disc herniations can produce permanent cord injury. Posterior neck pain, paraspinal muscle spasm, and either transient or permanent acute paralysis are the most […]