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Bony landmarks


The clavicle is the most prominent bone and is easily detectable because it lies subcutaneously.Its medial part is convex and the lateral third is concave. Its medial end (sternal end) is bulbous and articulates with the sternum.The lateral end is flattened and articulates with prominence can be felt.

This is the […]

Ligaments and Injuries

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries ACL injuries of the knee are the most common injuries to the knee; the loss of an ACL not only produces abnormal kinematics but also frequently results in major degenerative changes in the knee.

Anatomy The human ACL is a complex structure at every level. The ligament is designed to act […]

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Basics Description Tarsal tunnel syndrome is entrapment of the tibial nerve or its distal branches caused by compression or traction as the nerve courses through the tarsal tunnel. Anatomy : Proximal tarsal tunnel: Fibro-osseous space that contains (from anterior to posterior) the PTT, flexor digitorum longus tendon, posterior tibial artery and vein, tibial nerve, […]