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Intrinsic muscles of the hand


When the intrinsic muscles of the hand are affected,it is usually a lesion in the dorsal interossei. These muscles mainly abduct the fingers away from the middle finger.There are four dorsal interossei and three palmar ones. The latter adduct the fingers towards the middle finger. These muscles can be tested by spreading the fingers […]

Muscles controlling the fingers-Resisted extension of each finger separately

Positioning and procedure.

The subject presents his hand palm downwards. The examiner stabilizes the wrist with one hand. With the other, he applies resistance to the distal phalanx of each finger respectively.

Common mistakes.


Anatomical structures tested:

Muscle function:

• Extension of the index finger:

– Extensor indicis proprius – Tendon to the index […]

Radial Tunnel Syndrome


There is gradual onset of exercise induced pain around the elbow.


This is an entrapment of the radial nerve between the supinator muscle bulks, often affecting players in racket sports and spin bowlers.


There is pain around the elbow on resisted extension of the middle finger. Tinel’s sign […]

A Patient’s Guide to Wrist Fusion


Arthritis of the wrist has many causes, and there are many ways of treating the pain. These treatments can be very successful, at least for awhile. But eventually the entire wrist can become so painful that nonsurgical treatments don’t work anymore. At this point, your surgeon may recommend a wrist fusion. Wrist fusion may […]