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Introduction/general remarks

Shoulder lesions give rise to pain felt mostly in the proximal part of the upper limb. The shoulder examination is therefore commonly used in the diagnosis of upper arm pain. However, the examiner should realize that symptoms in the region of the shoulder can also originate from the cervical spine, the upper thoracic […]

Palpation of soft tissue

Palpation of the deltoid muscle The deltoid muscle is easy to recognize. It forms the most important muscular mass of the shoulder and is responsible for its round look.The anterior portion overlies the anterior border of the acromion and the lesser tuberosity. The middle portion lies over the lateral border of the acramion and the […]

Fracture of the Scaphoid

Fracture of the scaphoid

A fracture of the scaphoid bone in the wrist can result from a fall with the wrist bent backwards on an extended arm. The injury is particularly common in contact sports such as soccer, American football, rugby, ice hockey, and team handball, but can also occur in skiers and others.

The […]