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Muscle Twitch and Tetanus

The molecular events during the process of muscle contraction just described can now be considered in more detail (i.e., at the level of the entire muscle). In response to a single stimulus of adequate strength, a momentary rise in tension known as a twitch is produced. A muscle twitch has three phases.

The latent period […]

Skeletal Muscle Cytology

Each muscle fiber is surrounded by its plasma membrane, or sarcolemma. Within this sarcolemma lie quiescent satellite cells that are essential for the repair of muscle after injury.

Following muscle injury, inflammatory substances are thought to stimulate these satellite cells to undergo proliferation and differentiation into new muscle fibers.

Fibers are further divided into smaller […]

Structure And Architecture Of Skeletal Muscle


Understanding the structure and architecture of skeletal muscle begins at the level of the muscle cell, or fiber, itself. Muscle fibers are multinucleated cells with a cylindrical shape, and they have diameters ranging between 10 to 100 µm. Fibers range a few millimeters to several centimeters in length. This wide variation in muscle fiber […]