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Trochanteric Bursitis Video Guide in Singapore

Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

Greater trochanteric pain syndrome is also often called trochanteric bursitis in Singapore. The main symptom is pain over the outside of your upper thigh. Most cases are due to minor injury or inflammation to tissues in your upper, outer thigh area. Anti-inflammatory painkillers, physiotherapy and steroid injections can all sometimes help. […]


Biomechanical considerations

The range of movement of a joint is normally limited by the articular surfaces, the ligaments, and the joint capsule, and by the length and flexibility of muscles and tendons. The ligaments and joint capsule are comparatively inelastic and are responsible for maintaining passive stability, while muscles and tendons control active stability.Muscles, tendons, […]

Injuries to muscles, tendons, and ligaments

As muscles affected by paralysis become hypotrophied, their functions are taken over by other muscles that as a result become stronger from increased use. Arm and shoulder muscles are often remarkably well developed in people who depend upon wheelchairs. The risk of overuse of tendons and tendon attachments is increased by the additional demands made […]

Traumatic injuries

Children and adolescents are injured more often than adults, but their injuries are usually less serious. This may partly be due to the fact that children are physically smaller than adults, so that less force is involved in the injury. Children’s tissues are significantly different from those of adults: their bone structure is more resilient […]

Principles Of Treatment

Soft tissue injuries include:

– muscle and tendon damage (hematoma and/or rupture);

– joint and ligament damage (dislocation and/or rupture);

– soft tissue injuries associated with fractures.

When muscles, tendons, or ligaments are damaged, blood vessels in the area are also torn, and bleeding spreads rapidly into adjacent tissues. The bleeding causes swelling, placing increased […]