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Approach to Treatment for Adhesive Capsulitis

A decision regarding whether and when to provide treatment for a medical condition is most often based on a complete understanding of the natural history of that disease. Unfortunately, the natural history of adhesive capsulitis is poorly understood. Although reports on this disease and its treatment have been numerous, clinical observations have varied widely with […]

Incidence and Natural History

Shoulder pain is a common presenting complaint for patients of all ages and activity levels. In clinical frequency it is exceeded only by low back pain and neck pain. About 50% of the adult population will have at least one episode of shoulder pain each year.

The most common source of shoulder pain originates in […]

Managment-Operative Management

Surgical decision making is first dependent on whether a cyst is causing suprascapular nerve compression. If a ganglion cyst is present, then the cyst is a result of intra-articular pathology; in athletes, this frequently is because of a labral tear. The natural history of ganglion cysts about the shoulder is not known; however, it commonly […]

Management-Nonoperative Management

The athlete with no sign of cervical spine injury should be removed from play and observed on the sidelines. Symptoms usually are self-limited and mild. Athletes with prolonged burner symptoms are treated with removal from play, modification of activities, ice, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

A soft neck collar can be used for severe symptoms. Physical […]