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The medial malleolus, the sustentaculum tali, the tuberosity of the scaphoid and the base of the first metatarsal bone constitute the important bony landmarks at the medial aspect of the ankle and foot. The medial malleolus is felt with ease. The sustentaculum tali is found about 2 em below the tip of the medial malleolus. […]


At the distal end of the radius the styloid process can be palpated. Slightly more proximally on the radius a small groove can be found.Just distally to the styloid process the scaphoid (navicular) bone is palpable. It can be made more prominent by asking the subject to execute ulnar deviation of the wrist. When the […]

Tibialis Posterior Syndrome


Gradually increasing exercise-induced pain around the posterior medial part of the ankle joint, often after previous sprain. It is common in middle-aged or elderly athletes.


This is a tenosynovitis and or partial rupture of the posterior tibial tendon. If the tendon ruptures completely, a fairly discrete acquired flat foot can result after a […]

Stress Fractures of the Foot


There is increasing localised pain over a bony prominence, often with no direct preceding trauma. The start of symptoms can be acute. There is often a history of suddenly increased training intensity or jumping or running on hard surfaces. A number of famous footballers’ metatarsal stress fractures have figured in the media over the […]

Accessory Navicular

Basics Description

This anatomic variant consists of an accessory ossicle located at the medial edge of the navicular Accessory ossicles are derived from unfused ossification centers. Considered an incidental finding on radiographs, but may become symptomatic Classification: 3 major types of accessory navicular adjacent to the posteromedial navicular tuberosity Type I: Small, 3-mm sesamoid […]