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Compression of the neurovascular structures can occur with any factor that increases angulation of the nerves or vessels around features in the thoracic outlet or that causes narrowing of the outlet.

Possible causes of compression of the brachial plexus and/or the subclavian vasculature can be related to the scalene muscles, a cervical rib, a clavicle […]

Pain in the Neck (Cervicalgia), Torticollis (Wry Neck)

Pain located in the neck that does not radiate into the arms is called cervicalgia. Torticollis is a painful condition that can occur in young athletes after violent turning movements of the neck, e.g. when diving and when heading or jumping in soccer. It is probable that the nerve roots arising from the cervical spinal […]

Neck Pain

Neck pain can occur from the bottom of the head to the top of the shoulders. It may spread to the upper back or arms & may cause limitation of neck and head movements. It is common in middle age & older adults. More than 50% of people older than 50 years old have suffered […]