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Types of Lesions

Cartilage repair response has been the focus of investigations for more than 250 years. In 1742 Hunter noted that “ulcerated cartilage is a troublesome thing … once destroyed it is not repaired . Since that time, the observations made by Hunter have been reiterated by nearly every scientific study on the topic.

The lack of […]

Scaphoid Fracture


There is localised pain and swelling over the medial base of the wrist. Wrist movement and gripping are painful. It is common in ice hockey, rugby, handball and similar sports.


These symptoms are caused by fracture of the scaphoid bone through trauma caused by a direct fall on to an outstretched […]

Compartment Syndrome

Basics Description

Increase in tissue pressure within a limited space, compromising circulation and function of the contents of the space. Acute compartment syndrome is a limb-threatening emergency. Chronic (or exercise-induced or exertional) compartment syndrome usually is a self-limited symptomatic disorder. The elevated tissue pressure causes decreased perfusion, which can lead to necrosis of tissues and […]

Compartment Syndrome of the Foot

Basics Description Compartment syndrome of the foot occurs when bleeding and interstitial edema in the muscle compartments of the foot cause a substantial decrease in capillary perfusion, resulting in myoneural ischemia and eventual necrosis. General Prevention Prevention of the long-term sequelae of compartment syndrome requires a high level of suspicion for the diagnosis. Epidemiology […]