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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome


There is aching or sharp pain around the medial part of the foot and ankle joint, often radiating along the medial or the lateral part of the foot, or towards the plantar fascia insertion.


This syndrome is caused by trapping of the posterior tibia nerve or any of its branches in the tarsal […]

Morton’s Neuroma


Sharp radiating exercise-induced pain or dysaestesia between two metatarsal bones, most often between MT III and MT IV, without obvious preceding trauma. There are often bilateral symptoms. Usually it occurs in adults and particularly in middleaged recreational athletes who wear tight shoes.


This syndrome is caused by entrapment of an inter-digital nerve between […]

A Patient’s Guide to Interdigital Neuroma


Interdigital neuroma (sometimes called a Morton’s neuroma) is the medical term for a painful growth in the forefoot. The pain is most commonly felt between the third and fourth toes but can also occur in the area between the second and third toes. The exact cause of this problem is not clear. Some studies […]