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Rupture of the Upper part of the Rectus Femoris Muscle-Tendon Unit

Pain in the groin can be caused by a rupture in the origin or the upper third of the rectus femoris muscletendon junction. This rupture is usually partial, but complete rupture may occur. The rupture can occur during shooting and tackling in football and also during fast acceleration in general.

Symptoms and diagnosis

– During […]

Rupture of the Adductor Muscles

Ruptures of the adductor longus can be partial or complete. Complete ruptures are usually located at the muscle’s insertion into the femur, but can also occur at its origin in the pubic bone. Partial ruptures usually occur in the muscle-tendon junction. A rupture of the adductor longus muscle can occur when the muscles of the […]

Injury of the Subscapularis Tendon

Injury of the subscapularis tendon

The subscapularis muscle (which originates on the inner surface of the scapula, runs anterior to the shoulder joint, and is inserted high into the anterior aspect of the head of the humerus) is the most important internal rotator of the upper arm. Its tendon can be affected by partial or […]

Partial Tendon Rupture

In partial tendon rupture (first- and second-degree strains), the tendon is only partly torn. Depending on the extent of the injury, the affected athlete may not always be aware that a rupture has occurred, but believes the tendon to be overused and inflamed. Partial ruptures can be divided into acute and chronic injuries.

Symptoms and […]

Rupture of the Rectus Femoris Muscle


There is an acute onset of sharp tearing pain in the proximal anterior thigh or towards the anterior iliac crest during activity. This injury often occurs during intense activity in sports like tennis, squash or other sprinting and jumping sports.


This is usually a partial rupture of the insertion or proximal […]

Tibialis Posterior Syndrome


Gradually increasing exercise-induced pain around the posterior medial part of the ankle joint, often after previous sprain. It is common in middle-aged or elderly athletes.


This is a tenosynovitis and or partial rupture of the posterior tibial tendon. If the tendon ruptures completely, a fairly discrete acquired flat foot can result after a […]