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Open Capsular Release for Adhesive Capsulitis

Open surgical release of the glenohumeral capsule was more commonly utilized to treat patients with severe and refractory adhesive capsulitis prior to the advancement of arthroscopic techniques to treat this difficult patient population. Although the peri-operative morbidity of this open approach to treatment is now accepted to be somewhat greater than its arthroscopic counterpart, use […]

Allograft Tissues

Allograft tissues have been employed to reconstruct a variety of joint surfaces, and the humerus is certainly no different. The use of smaller focal defects, however, is not extensively described in the literature with the exception of a few case series. In one study, Gerber et al.It employed a large segmental humeral head allograft to […]

Techniques-Open Anatomic Repair

The classic open Bankart repair, Neer capsular shift, and multiple subsequent modifications have been reported for many years In the appropriate patient population and while adhering to meticulous surgical technique, the results are consistently very good. With Rowe et al.

It reporting 97% and 95% success rates respectively with open anterior stabilization, it is not […]