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Perilunate Dislocation

Perilunate dislocation is a dorsal dislocation of the capitate in relation to the lunate bone, which may sometimes be dislocated anteriorly at the same time. It may occur in association with a dislocation or fracture of the scaphoid and is caused by forced dorsiflexion or axial compression of the wrist.

Symptoms and diagnosis

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Scaphoid Fracture

Basics Description Fracture of the most radial (thumb side) of the carpal bones, usually as a result of a dorsiflexion injury to the wrist The most common of the carpal fractures, estimated at 60% Frequent problems include delayed diagnosis and nonunion. Classification: Chronologically: Acute or chronic Anatomically: In the proximal, middle, or distal third […]

Kienbock Disease

Basics Description Kienbock disease is AVN of the lunate of the wrist with collapse of the bone and arthritis in the advanced stage. The classification system by Stahl, which was later modified by Lichtman et al., is based on the radiographic appearance of the lunate: Stage 1: Radiographically normal lunate or with small fracture […]