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Post-Traumatic Shoulder Stiffness


There is gradual onset of diffuse pain or ache, and stiffness in the shoulder after previous trauma or immobilisation. Physiotherapy, after manipulation under anaesthesia and arthroscopic release, improves the condition dramatically. Secondary problems in the neck and upper back are almost inevitable and must be addressed.


This disorder has similar symptoms to frozen […]

Frozen Shoulder


There is sudden or gradual onset of localised pain and stiffness in the shoulder, often in a middle-aged athlete, with no preceding trauma.


Frozen shoulder is a capsulitis of unknown origin that makes the shoulder freeze because of a gradually shrinking capsule. The onset can be dramatic; the patient wakes up […]


Scoliosis is common in girls and generally presents during the adolescence period. A scoliosis is a lateral bending or sideways curve in the spine that is apparent when viewing the spine from behind. In many occasions, there are asymmetry of the rib cage, shoulders and breasts. The pelvic ring usually tilts to one side. A […]