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Achilles Tendonitis, Achilles Tear and Achilles Rupture in Singapore

Achilles tendonitis is a condition of irritation and inflammation of the large tendon in the back of the ankle. Achilles tendonitis is a common injury that tends to occur in recreational athletes. Overuse of the Achilles tendon can cause inflammation that can lead to pain and swelling. Achilles tendonitis is differentiated from another common […]

Singapore News – More sports doctors seen with growing demand for sports medicine

SINGAPORE: Singapore has seen a rise in recreational sports participation and events, as it played host to marquee events such as the F1 Singapore GP and the Youth Olympic Games.

This in turn, has led to an increase in demand for sports medical expertise, such as sports screening, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

The top […]

Patellar Tendinosis


Gradual onset of diffuse exercise induced pain or ache around the proximal part of the patellar tendon. It is common in middle-aged runners and recreational athletes in racket sports.


Tendinosis is defined from histopathological findings as a free tendon condition with altered collagen structure, thickening of the tendon, re-vascularisation and increased […]

Achilles Tendinosis


Gradual onset of diffuse exerciseinduced pain or ache around the Achilles tendon. Often the athlete has noted a tender nodule at the mid-portion of the Achilles tendon. It is most common in middle-aged runners and recreational athletes.


‘Tendinosis’ is defined from histopathological findings as a free tendon condition with an altered […]

Achilles Tendon Rupture


A sharp sudden pain in the Achilles tendon during activity, often recognised by the patient and people around as a loud snap, followed by the inability to continue. Often the patient believes somebody has hit them over the calf. It is most common in middle-aged recreational athletes in impact sports such as badminton […]

Morton’s Neuroma


Sharp radiating exercise-induced pain or dysaestesia between two metatarsal bones, most often between MT III and MT IV, without obvious preceding trauma. There are often bilateral symptoms. Usually it occurs in adults and particularly in middleaged recreational athletes who wear tight shoes.


This syndrome is caused by entrapment of an inter-digital nerve between […]

Hallux Valgus


Increasing stiffness, aching pain and typical deformation of MTP I without preceding trauma. Often the symptoms are bilateral. This condition is commonly presented by middle-aged recreational athletes or sedentary people, predominantly female, but it can occur in younger individuals.


The aetiology is unclear but there is possibly a genetic predisposition to this disease, […]

Prescription Sports


Running is one of the most popular sports in the world. This not only covers marathons and track and field running – running is also part of the training in virtually all other sports, including soccer, rugby, handball and triathlon. Running is a very efficient method for maintaining or improving […]

What is a Sports Injury?

A ‘sports injury’ can be defined as an injury that occurs during sporting activities or exercise. This can be broadened to include injuries affecting participation in sports and exercise and affecting athletes of all ages and all levels of performance. Patients who seek medical attention at sports injury clinics represent the spectrum from top professional […]