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Most recent trends in knee rehabilitation emphasize immediate motion, immediate weightbearing, early closed kinetic chain exercises, strength exercises, and early return to activity. Effective rehabilitation programs require an understanding of any surgical procedures performed, the structure of the knee, and the nature of the injury.

Strengthening should include both closed and open kinetic chain exercises, […]

Lower back

Lower back

Rehabilitation programs for the lower back must be based on individual assessments to address the specific needs of the patient. The first requirement is a thorough physical examination, which should include postural assessment, strength and range-of-motion measurements, also pain description and location details.

Based on this evaluation, a rehabilitation program is then designed […]


Biomechanical considerations

The range of movement of a joint is normally limited by the articular surfaces, the ligaments, and the joint capsule, and by the length and flexibility of muscles and tendons. The ligaments and joint capsule are comparatively inelastic and are responsible for maintaining passive stability, while muscles and tendons control active stability.Muscles, tendons, […]