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Knee extension mechanism injuries

The knee extension mechanism includes the quadriceps muscle-tendon, the patellar bone, the patellar tendon, and its insertion into the tibia. Injuries can occur in all these structures.

Quadriceps tendon injuries The distal quadriceps tendon attaches to the patella and its adjacent soft tissue structures (the retinaculum). It is important for the extensor mechanism. This tendon […]

Handlebar Palsy


There is paraesthesia of the ulnar one and a half fingers and weakness and atrophy of the intrinsic hand muscles. It is common in cyclists and racket sport players.


These symptoms are caused by chronic compression of the ulnar nerve in Guyon’s canal.


There is a positive Froment’s […]

Peroneus Tendon Rupture


The patient presents with a history of sharp pain over the lateral posterior part of the ankle joint, often mistaken for a sprain. Sometimes the athlete refers to a ‘pop’ when the tendon ruptures or dislocates. Two snaps are typical for dislocationrepositioning.


Peroneus tendon rupture is uncommon in young athletes but can […]

A Patient’s Guide to Peroneal Tendon Problems


Problems affecting the two peroneal tendons that lie behind the outer ankle bone (the lateral malleolus) are common in athletes. These problems mainly occur in the area where the two tendons glide within a fibrous tunnel behind the lateral malleolus.

This guide will help you understand

how peroneal tendon problems develop how doctors diagnose […]