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Football injury and Meniscus tear

Football injuries are common and range from minor annoying aches and pains to serious, traumatic injuries. It’s important to use the right pads and protective gear, but even so, the following pains and injuries are not uncommon.

Meniscus Tear

A meniscus tear occurs when these pieces of cartilage tear and are injured usually during movements that forcefully rotate the knee while bearing weight. A partial or total tear of a meniscus sometimes occurs if an athlete quickly twists or rotates the upper leg while the foot is firmly planted. This often occurs in field sports such as soccer and football.


Treatment varies depending upon the extent and location of the meniscus tear. If the tear is minor and the pain and other symptoms resolve quickly, muscle strengthening exercises may be all that’s needed to recover fully. In this case, a patient is usually referred to physical therapy.

A large meniscus tear that causes symptoms or mechanical problems with the function of the knee joint may require arthroscopic surgery for repair. In this procedure, a small camera is inserted into the joint through a small incision, while surgical instruments are inserted into the joint through a second, small incision.

With the camera, the surgeon can see the entire joint and remove and repair the torn pieces of meniscus. The goal is to save as much of the original, normal meniscus cartilage as possible.

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