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At the distal end of the radius the styloid process can be palpated. Slightly more proximally on the radius a small groove can be found.Just distally to the styloid process the scaphoid (navicular) bone is palpable. It can be made more prominent by asking the subject to execute ulnar deviation of the wrist. When the palpating
finger is on the navicular bone it lies in a depression between two tendons, called the ‘anatomieal snuffbox’. At the distal end of the snuffbox the joint line can be palpated between the scaphoid bone and the trapezium, especially when the subject moves the thumb. 6-7 mm more distally another joint line is palpable – the
one between the trapezium bone and the first metacarpal bone.

This joint line is well palpable during movement of the first metacarpal bone:feel for the shaft of the first metacarpal bone with one finger and move proximally towards the base of the bone. The joint line can be felt just proximally to the proximal border of the bone, especially while the other hand moves the first metacarpal to and fro.pollicis longus is felt, inserting at the base of the first metacarpal bone.

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